Goanna Brewing – Mackay’s Own Microbrewery

April 20, 2018


Ever dreamed of owning your own brewery? Well, here’s your chance! Established brewery in Mackay – and all the beer you can drink – is now for sale!  

Business Overview
Goanna Brewing is located at 11/25 Transport Avenue, Paget, Mackay and is Mackay’s only brewery, providing quality locally brewed beer to the Mackay public through a creative and interactive system. This Brew-on-Premises microbrewery brews Bright Beer onsite – premium beers, ciders and ginger beers – without pasteurisation or preservatives. Goanna Brewing allows customers to get involved with the brewing process as much or as little as they like. The concept is simple – produce quality locally brewed beer, without all the preservatives and additives, fresh for the Mackay public.

Business Growth
The business opened in July 2014, with its main business focus as Brew-on-Premises. The business has since added wholesale, craft beer sales and kegging equipment to its sources of income. The business has grown and expanded its customer base over the last 4 years. With the expansion of products and services, it has significantly widened the available target market. Goanna Brewing currently has no direct local competitors in the region producing Bright Beer.

Brew Recipes
Goanna Brewing has ownership of over 200 beer, cider and ginger beer recipes. Goanna Brewing has continually added new recipes to keep pace with an ever expanding craft beer market. Brewers love Goanna Brewing because:

  • Customers’ beer, Goanna’s brewing facility!
  • No experience necessary!
  • Brew time no more than 1 hour!
  • Brew today, ready to collect in 2 weeks!
  • Save $$$ on bottleshop prices!

What is Bright Beer?
Bright Beer is the freshest version of beer, the original ‘Brew’ before mass production and commercialisation become involved. Bright Beer undergoes the traditional brewing process (Brewing, Fermentation, Filtration), but has not been pasteurised (heat treated) and is perfectly polished and ready to drink straight from the Brewery.

Goanna Brewery has capacity to output over 150,000 litres per year using the onsite brewing facility. Equipment includes stainless steel brewing kettles with associated equipment and paraphernalia, fermenting & storage cold rooms, racking, filtration and keg washing facilities, as well as customer bottling apparatus. The facility has sufficient infrastructure capacity to meet the expected sustained growth of the future, including wholesale kegging.

Employees & Hours
The business is easy to operate and can easily be run by an owner assisted by casuals when necessary.  Experienced casuals are available. The current trading hours are:

  • Tuesday and Wednesday: 10am – 5pm
  • Thursday and Friday: 10am – 6pm
  • Saturday: 9am – 2pm

Areas of Competitive Edge
Many areas of competitive edge exist including:

  • Well established for 4 years
  • Excellent reputation and repeat customer base
  • No direct local competitors in the region producing Bright beer
  • An extensive equipment base exists
  • Equipment is in good condition
  • The business is easy to operate
  • The business has low overheads
  • Well established website and online store
  • Good social media following
  • Profitability continues to increase
  • Excellent scope for expansion
  • Easy and convenient car parking

Business Price
Goanna Brewing is being sold for $390,000 walk in walk out.

To receive a Sale Proposal, please complete our online Confidentiality Agreement form at www.beyond2000.com.au/confidentiality-agreement. Once we receive your details, we will email you the Sale Proposal for this business. Alternatively, contact:

  • Margaret Butler – 0419 664 349 on margaret@beyond2000.com.au