Ice Vending Machines – Townsville

February 13, 2021


Have you ever bought ice and had to slam the bag on the ground or hit it with something in order to be able to use the ice in a cooler or a beverage? These ice vending machines hold the answers to customers never having to do buy over-frozen ice again! Plus the ice is cheaper than store bought ice…and tastes delicious!

Business Overview
Ready Ice was established by the vendors in 2011 and consists of two well placed Kooler Ice vending machines at the following main road locations:

  • Bowen Road (in front of Rising Sun Honda)
  • Thuringowa Drive (in front of The Rental Managers)

The Kooler Ice machines operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and require no staff. The business is returning a nice passive income for the vendors, one of whom works approximately an hour a week in the business collecting the cash, doing a quick check and a clean (if needed).

The vendor has a rental agreement with both locations and pays a small percentage of each bag purchased as a rental fee.

The Machines
The Kooler Ice vending machines automatically makes, stores, bags, and dispenses fresh ice on demand. The ice is delivered in the quantity requested, already bagged, when the customer pushes the button. There is no risk of contamination because no one and nothing can come in contact with the ice other than the purchaser.

Each machine is connected to a smart phone app which alerts the vendors to any possible issues, and monitors sales and performance. These are the most serviceable designs on the market. They’re very easy to service and replace any components since they simply unbolt and unplug. No electrician required!

The Product
The great tasting ice is automatically bagged by the machine into the supplied bags. The cost of the ice is much cheaper than competitors’ prices – 7kg bags is only $5. Or 2 x 7kg bags is only $9.

The ice will never be over-frozen and clumped into big blocks from thawing and re-freezing due to the ice freezers being opened and closed by customers all day long! This fantastic product has also done away with the necessity for customers to slam the bag of ice on the ground or hit it with something in order to be able to render it useful to use in a cooler – let alone in a beverage!

Areas of Competitive Edge
Many areas of competitive edge exist including:

  • Passive income
  • NO Franchise Fees
  • Great main road locations
  • Delicious tasting ice
  • No need to bang the bags to break up the hardened ice – the ice is ready for your esky or cold beverage!
  • Easy to operate
  • Smart phone app allows monitoring from anywhere
  • Low overheads
  • No employees
  • Machines are in good condition and fully serviced entire life
  • No stock to be ordered or monitored
  • Requires minimal time and maintenance
  • Excellent support from Australian distributor in Newcastle
  • Machine able to take coins, notes and upgraded to now include debit/credit cards via Nayax reader
  • Includes spares in the sale

Ready Ice is being sold on a walk in walk out basis for $8,000 (neg).

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